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What is Motion Live Tv?

Our new French streaming platform is now available.
Whether you are more hip-hop, afro, dancehall, locking, popping, amateur or professional, alone or in a group, our internationally recognized teachers offer you the chance to learn through quality videos with new and exclusive choreography.
And that’s not all !
You can also find several other categories on your app:
– Playlists: Provides all of the sounds used during the tutorials and more …
– Dance performance videos: find the best freestyles and concept videos from your favorite artists in a comprehensive series.
Motion live also has new features every week and new categories are already in preparation!
Watch, learn and progress by joining Team Motion Live! #watchlearnprogress
Come learn how to dance with internationally recognized teachers through quality videos.
Find Hip Hop, Dancehall, Afro, Commercial Girly, House Dance, Popping, Locking, Break Dance and more …
New videos will be added every week so you won’t have time to get bored.
A series of exclusive and conceptual videos from your favorite artists.
(Freestyles, choreographies, innovative concepts)
Get inspired and find a new episode every week on the Motion live app.
Look no further, find all the sounds from the dance